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Take professional Photos for Catalog with APS

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As for every company, selling products is a critical factor. And the question set forth is that how to introduce the products to customers and how to make advertising successful. There are some ways. They are TV ads, newspaper ads, flyers. But with the fact that the world is flat thanks to internet today, the above ways are no longer optimal and efficient anymore. Let us help you with an effective advertising solution by taking professional photos and creating online catalogs.

Surely you have ever seen ads on the internet few times. Or just do a search in Google, you will find countless ads. But only few ads catch your eyes because they are impressive. Differences between ads lie in camera angle, appropriate lighting and experience of the advertising designer.

How much do you spend to make an electronic catalog? Let’s do a small calculation! Today photographers charge about VND 50,000 per photo and with hundreds, even thousands of products, the expenses increase accordingly; what is more, if you later want to shoot photos of the product in another camera angle, you have to pay more costs with such sample, not to mention the expenses paid for advertising design. It is a huge amount of money, isn’t it?

Our solution for you is a set of all-in-one tool. Using our product, you can take photos, adjust darkness, brightness, camera angle and its software will make the photos more beautiful. Furthermore, the software also helps create professional catalogs because all data and images are stored in the software and you just select and produce catalogs automatically; as result you save more time and costs.

An electronic catalog

So with our solution, what is advantages and disadvantages?



+ Cost for buying the camera

+1 minute for data entry.

+1 minute for taking pictures.

+1 minute for editing.

+5 minutes for creating catalogs.



+ Saving costs at the most

+ Using forever.

+ Unnecessary to save data.

+ Easy to use.

+ Not worried about delay in plan due to a designer and sometimes not satisfied with the catalogs

+ Freely taking pictures and designing

To minimize the disadvantages, as we have listed above, we also provide services of taking photos with the most reasonable price for you. If you want high quality catalogs with reasonable expenses.

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