Universal sawing unit


Universal sawing unit This Universal Sawing Unit allows in a fast and accurate way, all the following working operations: A. Cutting spirals, made of hollow tubes for the production of earrings B. Cutting solid or hollow tube spirals of different shapes for the manufacturing of earrings, bracelets and links, which will be used to produce handmade chains C. Cutting sections ... Read More »

Tube winding machine


Tube winding machine This machine is suitable for the manufacturing of round, oval or TV shape spirals, made out of any kind of hollow or solid tube. By using an internal anchored core, which reproduces the same inside shape of the tube, and a cams system, it is possible to create earrings and bracelets of required diameters and shapes. It is also available ... Read More »

Sound proof hammering


Sound proof hammering This machine is used to reduce into conical shapes the tip of hollow seamless tube or solid bars, in order to make drawing and gauging operation easier. The use of this machine is extremely easy: you just have to push the tube into the gauged hole, in order to obtain a perfect shaped tip without any scrap. ... Read More »

Tube making machine


Tube making machine This machine allows the production of different profile of soldered or unsoldered tubes, starting from strips of plate of different diameters, previously slittered by a multiple cut shearing unit built- in the machine. The strip is shaped by a set of tempered and grinded rollers into the required shape. Then takes place the soldering process which thanks to the ... Read More »

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