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Let electronic catalogs convey your messages to customers

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Catalog is an effective tool to help the gold shop owner to introduce their products to customers. With a catalog, they assert their brand through the scale of operation, through high-class products and professionalism in serving customers. Today, we can introduce the products via a catalog widely and quickly thanks to the Internet. Thereby, the gold shop owner can approach customers near and far, and save the expenses of product promotion.

However, to create their own jewelry catalogs, gold shop owners or small and medium scale jewelry facilities also face a number of obstacles as follows:

  1. Phase of photographing (designing images): Taking pictures of jewelries requires very sophisticated techniques, as well as skills of the photographer which contributes to beautiful pictures as desired. This phase is extremely important because it determine the quality and soul of the catalog. Obviously, person lacking in experience and professionalism can not undertake this job.
  2. Preparing products: The more the samples we use, the more diversified catalog becomes. However, the layout, classification, and arrangement of the pages which make the catalog logical, easy to choose for customers and focused on their tastes are not that simple. The arrangement of the sample on pages by hand rather than by scientific methods takes much effort and time.
  3. Time for shooting photos. A gold shop possesses a lot of jewelry samples ranging from hundreds to thousands. So, it takes a rather long time to take pictures of all the number of samples in order to make the catalog. Prolonged time adversely affects business, as well as safety of the jewelries during the course of photography.
  4. Security: Because jewelries are precious and of high value, it is necessary to consider security factor during photography. The question set forth is that it is better for the shop to take pictures of jewelries itself or to hire a professional photographer?
  5. How to update new samples into catalog when the first catalog is completed?
  6. How much you spend on taking pictures of jewelries is appropriate?


Solution for CREATING A JEWELRY CATALOG REMOTELY of Thien Chi will be a good choice for you:

With the motto: we and our customers producing an electronic catalog together is the perfect solution to solve the problems mentioned above.

The simple process as follows:


Some examples of the process:

Photos received from customers



  • Your products to be safe.
  • Flexible time as arranged by you
  • Costs lower than traditional catalogs.


  • The image quality is sometimes not good as we want, which depends on the photography skills

To eliminate the above advantages, Thien Chi proposes second solution:


With this solution, we bring the entire devices to your shop or you bring jewelries to our company office to implement photography. Then, we will process images and create a catalog and deliver to customers at their request.

Creating a catalog directly



  • Photos are of standard quality and the catalog is produced more easily and quickly
  • Taking photos and processing them is faster.
  • You will receive a full set of products including:
  1. Catalog.
  2. Files of rotated Video.
  3. Data for making rotated videos for websites (website code)
  4. All photos of the products at different angles from 36 photos or more.


  • Spending time travelling when updating new samples.

To solve the above-mentioned disadvantages, THIEN CHI suggests the third solution:


Thien Chi is the exclusive agent in Vietnam and the products are present all over the world

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