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Curve dance

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The life around us is limitless in forms and colors. We still see the curve wherever we go. It may be dry cure in mathematics or attractive curve on female body. Whatever it is, curve is a flexible, soft line which gives us a tender feeling as if a cloud stays floating in the sky. All of them make this world less bland, less angular and more colorful.  


Curves are simply the ones just like the time when they are born. They are zigzag, crabbed and complex lines. Without being led by people with their good taste and talented hands, they will be normal like this forever. As human beings know how to make curves lively and teach them artistic lines, they benefit from curves later. It’s important that people put these curves in harmony, blend them into colourful dance or draw beautiful patterns.


It sounds so abstract and hard to understand that you can hardly imagine the power of the curve when it is changed, creating mysterious lines. Such art breakthroughs are needed to create the soul for an artistic piece of work.

An artistic work, jewellery is, however, completely different from art, which involves creating wonderful pictures with curves, of course. Curves on pictures, although in 2D, can still fascinate the mind and heart of endless people. So curves on jewellery which are in 3D, can do much more when inspiring viewers with their attractiveness and popularity.


Aware of hidden beauty of the curve shown in every dance, in bracelets, people have created a stage for curve dancers to dance freely to beautiful dances. Previously, jewellers usually spend a couple of months organizing a new dance before bringing them to the jewellery stage. Finally, they just have to wait for the response from the public, whether it is warm-hearted or cold-hearted. It depends on their “workmanship” to make a big hit on the jewellery stage.

We all know that there is only one curve pattern dance on every bracelet stage. However, when demand for curve pattern dance is high, the tickets are sold out for sure and jewellers cannot organize a new dance quickly enough to meet audience’s curiosity. As we know, the public’s preference for something just lasts a short time when it is still as hot as a pancake. Then, one day, when their taste cools down due to boring repetition, the boycott of out-of-date curve pattern dance is indispensable. Supply cannot satisfy requirement, and profit opportunities are missed, which are called business failures.


Customers no longer depend on a long period of delivery time just because jewellers work by hand. The market competition is so intense that if the product cannot be delivered at the earliest time as requested, customers can place an order at another jeweller. To solve such a tricky problem in jewellery production, people turn to machinery as a replacement for human force.


A bracelet machine

Bracelets are bigger than rings, earrings. They are typically made by hands, one by one; therefore, the more sophisticated and complex they are, the more time-consuming they are and accordingly, the pay must be high. So the problem is: how to produce bracelets in a shortest time, in a large number but the price can be reduced in comparison with handcrafted ones. If this is solved, we can win the hearts of our customers.

Jewellers, since a long time ago, has longed for a magical machine which can help them instantly make a great deal of bracelets just like in fairy tales. This results from the fact that we do not have access to bracelet technology that has come into use for a long time in the world.


In the past, when curve dance took place on the stage hosted by the jewellers, it seemed that some music was missing. Now that bracelet machines serve as background music for curve dance took place on bracelet stage. Imagine that each bracelet is produced from the machine just like a dancer in gold or silver outfits coming to the stage amid its sound, which is similar to music.


The dance performed by the curve to create the most beautiful patterns, sophisticated lines as if carefully engraved by hand, can only be done by bracelet machines in a shortest time ever. Curve dance is not a secret of any person any more. The machines have opened the door to the secret, enabling everyone to know what a curve dance is. Since then, people can conquer them, making them a jewellery slave in honouring women’s beauty.

So, let’s discover the curve dance through the bracelet machines, why not?


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