Curve dance

The life around us is limitless in forms and colors. We still see the curve wherever we go. It may be dry cure in mathematics or attractive curve on female body. Whatever it is, curve is a flexible, soft line which gives us a tender feeling as if a cloud stays floating in the sky. All of them make this world ... Read More »


LINE DANCE ON BRACELETS Creating line dances which are flexible, vivid and “unique” on the bracelet is no longer an insolvable problem for jewelers. Of course, they just have got ideas, creative lines and the most difficult phrase in creating products is implemented by using Italian machinery and technology. Moreover, production time is shortened and productivity is increased as compared ... Read More »


A tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. Of course, it brings beauty, so people accept its presence on their body. In short, everyone loves beauty. A goldsmith is the person who creates beauty of jewelries to charm others. For rings, bracelets and so ... Read More »


VARIATION OF CURVE   METAMORPHOSIS: Only with a simple act on a gold-inlaid piece with predetermined size, do we create a gold tube as desired. It is like the magical way in which the magician turns a plane into a curved surface in less than no time, making onlookers surprised. The purpose is to lighten bracelets but retain “unchanged beauty ... Read More »

Let electronic catalogs convey your messages to customers

Catalog is an effective tool to help the gold shop owner to introduce their products to customers. With a catalog, they assert their brand through the scale of operation, through high-class products and professionalism in serving customers. Today, we can introduce the products via a catalog widely and quickly thanks to the Internet. Thereby, the gold shop owner can approach ... Read More »

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